E. Jean 

      123 pounds 
(127 pounds after lunch)
                 Dogs: 1             
   Cats: 1
  Caffeine: 180 milligrams per day. 
Wine: yes.
Age: 39,566,049 minutes
Number of Ask E. Jean letters received each month via Email: 200
Number of Ask E. Jean questions posted on AskEJean.com: 29,108 
Monthly electric bill: $93  
Carbon Footprint: Dainty as Jane Austen's
dancing slipper. 
Aches: Lower back
  Pains: Neck
Agonies: No, no, no---never agonies
Home: A cabin on an 
Square feet of cabin: 660
Number of companies E. Jean has founded or co-founded: 7 (two in college). Number of
companies E. Jean is
currently President of: 1.Tawkify.
(The great Kenneth Shaw is CEO)
Childhood Home:
1888 old schoolhouse (now listed

on the National Register of

Historic Places)
in the sticks of Northern Indiana 
  Number of years the Ask E. Jean column has 
run in Elle Magazine, 
the world's largest (and coolest)
fashion magazine: 26 
Number of years the Ask E. Jean TV show 
ran live: 2 
Magazines which named E. Jean a

contributing editor: 4 
(Esquire, Outside, Playboy, Elle).  
Chance E. Jean would be named “best” anything: 1 in 13,000,000,000,000.
Times E. Jean actually was named Best True Crime Writer in America: 1
Crowns: 4 
(Miss Cheerleader USA, Miss Indiana University, 
Miss Something Something, and Queen of Something----will check on this and get back to you.)
Emmy Nominations:
1 for writing on Saturday Night Live
Ex-husbands: 2  

Number of "Firsts" on Planet Earth:

1(first woman to walk from
Telefomin, in the Star Mountains 
of Papua New Guinea,
 to the border of Irian Jaya)
Currently-held world record:

First woman to come

up with a workable plan for getting

rid of the male sex.



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