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The Most Hideous Men in NYC

Walking Tour

There are New York Gangster tours.

There are New York Murder tours.

This was New York City's fiercest, most spine-chilling tour of all. The scandalous 90-minute #MeToo Tour known as  . . . . . .

The Most Hideous Men in NYC Tour!

Photo: Dan Smedley, Unsplash

andre-benz- 3.jpg

Photo: Andre Benz, Unsplash

BAH!! There were enough New York walking tours highlighting famous male writers, male drinkers, male painters, male presidents, male architects, male chefs, male mobsters, etc., etc.  

On THIS tour we viewed many of the hallowed spots where women have stood up, spoken out, and begun to put an end to sexual harassment!


We heard the horrible stories and saw the terrible office buildings where famous men pestered, hounded, hassled, plagued, and beset New York's most excellent women----and where women shouted ENOUGH!

People Brought snacks! Celebrating #MeToo moments required energy and verve!

YES! It was free!  For 10,000 years women have been paid less than men. They didn't have to pay for THIS!


Was it raining? Bah! A little rain was not going to stop The Most Hideous Men in NYC Tour!

The tour sometimes lasted longer than 90 minutes, so many times we were compelled by our

spectacular thirst to stop for cocktails.  P.S. What am I talking about!  One Sunday we drank 

miniature  bottles of wine all the way along the Tour!!!

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