Ladies, if you would like to nominate a person to be an Honorary Woman, please  send that lucky chap’s name to I look forward to compiling a glorious and rousing roster!


On my walk across the Star Mountains of Papua New Guinea with Sali, the son of the Telefomin Big Man, and Bikki, the Atbalman warrior, as my guides and companions, we trekked

through vast areas where tribes were at war.

I hired “a guard for the body.”

A second guard for the body was hired to guard the first guard for the body. Both guards for the body carried bows and arrows. There was, however, a problem. Neither guard for the body would agree to guard the body of a woman (i.e., me).

Sali solved the dilemma by telling the two guards of the body that I had been “proclaimed an honorary man.”

It worked. And because it happens that I like certain chaps—I am now

proclaiming the following men to be  . . . .


                                                           HONORARY WOMEN

David Quammen

Tom Robbins

Tom Carroll

Steve Byers

David Hirsehy

Rob Fleder

Andy Switzer

Jamie Harris

Bobbie Simmons

Tom Van Arsdale

Dick Van Arsdale

Mike Troy

Fred Schmidt

Ed Kosner

Michael Solomon

Jim Morgan

Alex  Heard 

Terry McDonell

Will Blythe

Bill Tonelli

Jim Signorelli

Michael Porte

Jack McDevitt

Gavin Caruthers

Chris Schelling

Greg Talenfeld

Bob Roe

David Veater

Kenneth Shaw

George Butler

Kyle Fisher



Berry Blanton

Tom Carroll 1V

Kenneth Hogan

Mike Tulin

Nominated by Sharon K

Chris Katope  

Chris G. Katope (posthumous)

Christopher Milen King Katope  

"All three continuously restore my faith in the XY combo daily (yep, even the dead one." 

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