The trump law suit

    In 5 headlines & 

1 Rachel Maddow show

First, I sue him.

First, I sued him.

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Second, I request Trump's DNA

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Third, my brilliant attorney, Robbie Kaplan,

argues in State Supreme Court that Trump

CAN be sued even though he is a sitting

President.  We win the constitutional fight---a landmark for a defamation case.

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Fourth, Trump, faced with the deadline of

providing his DNA sample---in one of the most

flabbergasting and corrupt moves of his presidency

----throws the case to the DOJ .

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Fifth, my attorneys, Robbie Kaplan, and Joshua Matz

argue so cogently in Federal Court, the judge

tells the DOJ ........TO BUTT OUT.  P.S. Joshua, whose

IQ 483, and who is pictured below in the red tie, also acted as special counsel to the prosecution, in both Impeachments Trials of Trump.

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Here is Judge Lewis Kaplan's most wise OPINION.

The DOJ has appealed the decision in the Second Circuit.  It is now up to the new-era Biden Justice Department to

do the right thing.  Here is Robbie on Rachel Maddow

explaining the case:

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